The Liquid Plain

I’ve Made All That’s Formed You

In 1791, a woman on a slave ship was diagnosed with smallpox.  In order to isolate the disease, she was tied to a chair and thrown overboard.  Of the 142 slaves on the ship, 121 were delivered on arrival.  In economic terms, then, the solution to the potential outbreak was a success, with one minor exception: the captain, the…

The Audience

Never Underestimate the Value of a Symbol

Each one enters differently.  Winston Churchill (Dakin Matthews) is suddenly just there, his hat and coat removed for him as if he were Don Corleone, with a cigar in mouth to complete the image.  John Major (Dylan Baker) putters in, hangdog, less the leader of his country and more the patient embarrassed to have asked his therapist for an…

Fish in the Dark

If Not Him, Who?

You can tell you’re at the Larry David play just by listening to the audience.  Someone complains that it’s too cold.  Another is outraged to hear that, should she have to get up to go to the bathroom, she won’t be readmitted until after the act break.  Phones are not turned off, and five minutes…

An Octoroon

The Fourth Act

George (Austin Smith), steeped in European sensibility after a recent trip to France, returns to America to find a plantation he has inherited in financial peril. He’s caught the eye of the wealthy heiress Dora (Mary Wiseman), but his heart belongs to Zoe (Amber Gray), the eponymous daughter of his uncle and a slave. George’s eloquence…

The Nether

Oh, Reality, It’s Not for Me

It seems relatively uncontroversial to say that one shouldn’t have sex with a nine-year-old girl.  But what about the image of a nine-year-old girl?  What are the ethical questions raised by a hypothetical virtual simulation in which a man can sleep with (and murder, if he should so please), a preteen?