The Iceman Cometh

The Last-Resort Variety

“The people in that saloon were the best I’ve ever known,” Eugene O’Neill wrote about the motley crew that occupied Jimmy-the-Priest’s, the dive bar which provided the inspiration for The Iceman Cometh and the one in which the playwright attempted suicide in 1912.  This conflict—good company, bad circumstances—dominates Iceman, a drama about a makeshift (and most homosocial) family of…

Rasheeda Speaking

All the Other Hers

Jaclyn (Tonya Pinkins) is kind of a pill.  An assistant in a surgeon’s office, she is condescending to patients, cruel to the mild-mannered office manager, Ileen (Dianne Wiest), insensitive to her Mexican neighbors (who she thinks should be deported), and constantly making suspicious claims about “toxins” in the air.

Everybody Gets Cake!

Take a Piece

Among its many charms, Everybody Gets Cake! begins well before the audience enters the theatre. It starts at E:BAR, a standard pre-show hovering ground for regular 59E59 Theaters attendees. A pair of improbably dressed tourists arrive, decked out in identical bright yellow slickers. They talk to at least one couple about rushing tickets for a different production…


Edgar Scissorhands

If aliens with little knowledge of human beings decided to write a musical about Edgar Allan Poe, but somewhere along the way confused him with one of Tim Burton’s misfits, they couldn’t do much worse than Nevermore: The Imaginary Life & Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe.  To call it bad—and it is atrocious—is almost to…

Titus Andronicus

Not Enough Meat, Not Enough Plucking

Director Ross Williams has an nice, inventive touch, and his production of Titus Andronicus is filled with small but effective flourishes.  There is, for example, the large, lit-up target that brandishes the back of the stage, which offers some effective foreshadowing when the newly-minted emperor Saturninus (Vince Gatton) stands in front of it and raises his arms in…