Hurry Up and Become a Fuckin’ Man

I once saw Stephen Adly Guirgis speak at the 92Y, with Tony Kushner moderating a discussion on Arthur Miller.  He prefaced his praise for Mr. Kushner (“I don’t mean to suck your dick or anything…”) by noting that he was missing a Rangers playoff game to be there, which is a good indication of the tone of his work: he is equally comfortable discussing Death of a Salesman as he is watching sports.  I’d like to avoid calling him a “poet of the gutter,” since the phrase is hackneyed, elitist, and in this case inaccurate, but he is a poet whose language is made up of unpoetic words.  In many ways, in fact, he is the heir of Miller, and in Between Riverside and Crazy he chronicles the disappearing Upper West Side of Latinos and African-Americans just as Miller did with the partially assimilated Jews of Brooklyn. Continue reading “Hurry Up and Become a Fuckin’ Man”