New Bottles

Everything is going to hell. Time is running out. Worry, envy and doubt creep into our thoughts and we’re all going to die. If you follow the advice dispensed by Shaina Taub and her band, the best approach is to embrace the chaos, make a mess and don’t take any of it too seriously. In Old Hats, Ms. Taub and her band provided musical accompaniment for an evening of mostly silent comedic episodes by Bill Irwin and David Shiner, a pair whose exuberant clowning suggests they share Ms. Taub’s lighthearted outlook on the coming darkness. Continue reading “New Bottles”

Piercing the Mundane

Despite his history of philandering and pill popping, Amber (Vanessa Vache) has decided to reunite with her husband Chris (James Kautz). Chris moves back in and fails to be of much help around the house. He pulls a meager income from bartending a few times a week and refuses to look for work elsewhere. Evidence trickles in that Chris may be having an affair with one of his coworkers but Amber is more upset about his neglecting to pay the minimum on their electricity bill, a blunder that plunges their house into darkness a day before their daughter Janie’s surprise birthday party. Continue reading “Piercing the Mundane”

They did not exist till Art had invented them

A (Ben Cole) is a writer and a producer. He’s sunk his ample wealth into a feature film starring B  (Clea Alsip) and C (Tony Naumovski), his wife and best friend, respectively. He thinks B and C may be having an affair and he’s still selling scripts despite announcing his suspicions to unsuspecting producers during pitches. But this isn’t solely A’s story. It’s also the story of B and C struggling to navigate their roles both on and off the screen, doing their best to reconcile their adulterous feelings for one another while starring in a movie about adultery. And yet the story also belongs to D (Maren Bush), C’s girlfriend and the editor of A’s movie. Hers is a story about stories, about picking up the fractured pieces given to you and trying to put them into some kind of order. Continue reading “They did not exist till Art had invented them”