My Black is Blacker Than Your Black

5 thoughts on “My Black is Blacker Than Your Black”

  1. Just want to set the record straight about two things:

    1) It’s Leah Nanako Winkler. That’s her full name.

    2) Peter Mills Weiss plays Teddy Nicholas throughout the entire show, so the “heartbreaking” story about cleaning the rich lawyer’s house is actually my story, which actually did happen.

  2. Hey Aaron- thanks for reviewing and coming to the show! I have one other correction:

    1. The character at the beginning doesn’t say “Gina Dunham”, she says “Zosia Dunham”. We wanted to poke fun and show light to the different types of artists out there—kids who grew up with rich connected parents and kids who grew up with nothing but still want to make art. Not really a knock on ‘girls’- or that success (I’m all for women getting the limelight- although I wish that show had a diverse cast and writers) -but I totes understand why you saw it that way.

    2. The snakes have not been spliced with the DNA of the Kardashians or Madoff. That was just a directorial reference in the script on how to costume the snakes. The snakes were just spliced with rich people’s DNA.

    Thanks again!

    xoxo Leah

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