Jedem das Seine

2 thoughts on “Jedem das Seine”

  1. I saw the play and it was quite an intellectual and aesthetic experience. I must confess I’m no fan of Arthur Miller (his characters talk too much, and their talk is stilted and unconvincing) but I was intrigued and impressed by the manner in which Kirk Gostkowski portrayed the alternately overbearing and whining Quentin, ranting about betrayal and moaning about the lost world of innocence. The exquisite portrayal of Maggie by Thea Brooks deserves a gold star. Last but not least, Rich Ferraioli’s direction was nuanced, stylish, insightful and ideally suited for the black box setting.

    1. Agreed. Except for your comment on Arthur Miller–his dialogue can be awkward (“Nobody dast blame this man”), so you need the right kind of actors in the right kind of production. This was one, Mike Nichols’ recent revival of Death of a Salesman was another.

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