Vibrations from Another Time

4 thoughts on “Vibrations from Another Time”

  1. Interesting review. I liked this play a lot more than you. Did you catch the allusion to O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” when Tommy and Aimee each give each other gifts that don’t get used (coat and shoes)? The epigraph from the play is a quote from the Gospel of MT about the Magi, and there is a strong Nativity theme underlying the play. We can agree on the fine performances of Hinds and McElhatton, though I thought the entire cast was excellent, especially Norton and Gleeson. Dunne was not given enough to do. BTW… Tommy is not divorced from his wife.

    1. Ah, no I didn’t! Thanks for pointing it out.

      Are you sure they aren’t divorced? It’s strongly suggested, and I can’t find any evidence in the text to confirm they are only separated.

      1. It’s when Maurice meets Aimee and he reminds her that Tommy is married. She says something like, “well he said they’ve been apart for two years so I don’t know how married they are.” And Maurice says, “Married is married.”
        In the NYC version there is a new bit where Tommy’s in bed with Aimee when she has her nightmare, and he wakes up too, saying “Suzanne, Suzanne!” He thinks he’s in bed with his wife. “Suzanne, Suzanne” is not in the published version and I don’t think it was in the London version either…

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