Old Father, New Artificer

2 thoughts on “Old Father, New Artificer”

  1. I would like to preface this by saying (because it’s true) I always appreciate your reviews, even when I don’t agree with them.

    I’m going to include here a quote from Alison Bechdel herself, that is in an interview with her online at Time.

    “On the whole, I feel like it’s incredibly faithful to my story. Even objectively, it’s an amazing adaptation. It captures the essence of my book. What [playwright] Lisa [Kron] and [composer] Jeanine [Tesori] did was they took my book all apart, found the things that made it work and put it all back together somehow.”

    Now, of course
    1. She could just be shilling for the show, and keeping her reservations to herself. (I doubt this, though.)
    2. Her opinion does not cancel out yours.

    Here’s the Time interview

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